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This is a Canadian Authorized Representative portal of Joy Stephen, Canadian Immigration Practitioner. This portal is to ensure all clients being represented by this Canadian Authorized Representative is accessible to his clients.


Q&A Session

Joy Stephen is available for a FREE Q&A session on most Fridays. The zoom credentials are listed below. This Q&A session is for Prospects and Clients. There is a reason the Canadian government want you to have direct access to your Canadian Authorized Representative if you hire one. Please visit the Canadian Government website and learn: Zoom Credentials and time provided below!

Prospects: All prospects who are not a client of Mr Stephen is requested to attend Immigration related YouTube videos before attending any FREE Q&A sessions.
Clients: If you are a client and you have any questions, please feel free to visit the Q&A session and get them clarified. Paid accessibility to your Canadian AR is important but this is an opportunity for a FREE meeting.

All open Q&A Zoom sessions have the following protocols to follow:

  1. Please come prepared with your questions so that you can post them on the Chat section of the event. These questions will be answered in a general nature without identifying the participant. These questions will NOT be in open view of participants.
  2. This is not an information session but a Q&A session. Please come with Questions

Canada offers several Immigration pathways. Feel free to ask and learn!


Webinar Time/Schedule

Watch the On-Demand webinars and attend Q&A sessions every Friday at the time in your city as listed below. If your city is not listed here, please follow a city with the same time zone as yours and use the same Zoom access link.

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Meeting ID: 980 0649 7668
Passcode : 633475

Important Note

It is important to note that any information & Evaluations done by a Canadian Authorized Representative is to be kept confidential between the AR and client or prospect. As most ‘agencies’ overseas are ‘Agents’ and not part of the Canadian Immigration Regulatory framework, they are there to make money out of a business. Please do not share AR approaches and evaluation with a foreign organizations or Entities. If you indulge in such activity, you are promoting FAKE consultants and Fraud. Most foreign entities mimic the work of Canadian AR’s to justify their service. If you are smart, you will not disclose what you have obtained from a Canadian AR, but rather, you will demand to see what the foreign ‘Agents’ have to offer in writing. You must be careful about oral promises.

Source of Content

Any information from my website and the service I offer to my clients are genuine data obtained directly from legitimate sources and are not copied and pasted from other sites. Please use these resources to your advantage.

FREE Q&A session on most Fridays

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