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This is a Canadian Authorized Representative portal of Joy Stephen, Canadian Immigration Practitioner. This portal is to ensure all clients being represented by this Canadian Authorized Representative is accessible to his clients.


Q&A Session

Joy Stephen is available for a FREE Q&A session on most Fridays. The zoom credentials are listed below. All prospects who are not a client of Mr Stephen is requested to attend Immigration related youtube videos before attending any FREE Q&A sessions.

All open Q&A Zoom sessions have the following protocols to follow:

  1. Please come prepared with your questions so that you can post them on the Chat section of the event. These questions will be answered in a general nature without identifying the participant.
  2. This is not an information session but a Q&A session.

Canada offers several Immigration pathways. Feel free to ask and learn!


Webinar Time/Schedule

Watch the On-Demand webinars and attend Q&A sessions every Friday at the time in your city as listed below. If your city is not listed here, please follow a city with the same time zone as yours and use the same Zoom access link.

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Meeting ID: 980 0649 7668
Passcode : 633475


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FREE Q&A session on most Fridays

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