6621 RNIP Employer Selection Figures for 2020, 2021, and part of 2022

This video may be of interest to foreign nationals and Canadian temporary residents targeting RNIP Employer driven program, a Canadian Federal program where employers are allowed to hire based on the city or town in Canada, they operate in. This data is about the RNIP program Processing for the years 2020, 2021 and until April 30, 2022 for NOC code 6621. This important data will give you some understanding on the number of people being selected by employers in this particular NOC code 6621 and processed for the RNIP Program every year. This is one program which is becoming popular and growing!

In 2020, the total number of People selected by employers and processed in NOC code 6621 was 0 applicants and this figure jumped to 1 in 2021 and this year, in just the first 4 months, the total number selected by employers and processed for Canadian Permanent Residence in NOC code 6621 under the RNIP Program was 3 applicants. The total number of people selected in this NOC code under the RNIP program is 4. We are seeing an appreciative increase in employer selections year over year for the RNIP program and this employer-driven program is gathering steam. An employer selection leads to quick processing for the entire family for Canadian Permanent Residence We expect the numbers to increase in the coming years.

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