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A peek at Quebec’s Immigration plan for 2022
Quebec is facing labour shortages and is in need of certain professionals based on a streamlined processing of LMIA applications with Service Canada. The following professionals are in demand in Quebec:
material handler.
transport truck driver, bus driver, heavy equipment operator and public maintenance machinery operator.
chainsaw and logging vehicle operator, operator of metal processing machines, machining tools, plastics processing machines, and machinery and industrial processing of food, beverages and related products.
logging worker, foundry worker, fish and seafood processing worker;
Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers;
plastic products assembler, finisher and inspector;
industrial painter, coater and metal finishing process operator.
Their plan is to allow employers a % of their workforce for overseas recruitment and the Quebec government also provides financial support to such employers.
Quebec also will allow upto 20% foreign workers for a single workplace. Most other employers are allowed only a 10% temporary foreign workers for a single work place. The identified jobs in sectors are the following:
retail (cashier, clerk, specialized cleaner);
food and lodging (cashier, waiter, housekeeping attendant);
food, beverage and tobacco manufacturing (food processing labourer);
management of companies and enterprises (housekeeping attendant, specialized cleaner, janitor, building superintendent and landscaping labourer);
health care (housekeeping attendant);
forestry labour;
rubber and plastic products manufacturing labour;
wood, pulp and paper processing labour.
Many companies are altering their HR plan by including hiring foreign workers into their overall strategy to offset labour shortages