Canada Immigration News from the Provincial News Manitoba released on 18 July 2023. Advisory Council on Economic Immigration and Settlement announced 
Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news and I am Joy Stephen, an authorized Canadian Immigration practitioner bringing out this special edition of Immigration news from Provincial News, Manitoba. This news was released by the government on 18/07/2023. I am coming to you from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Today is the 19/07/2023 
To provide leadership on economic immigration and settlement in Manitoba, the Manitoba government has selected members of the Advisory Council on Economic Immigration and Settlement (ACEIS) following a call for applications, Labour and Immigration Minister Jon Reyes announced today. 
“Our government continues to work to advance Manitoba’s economic immigration priorities, particularly addressing labour shortages, encouraging economic development and supporting Manitoba’s francophone population,” said Reyes. “I thank the members of the ACEIS for joining the council and look forward to seeing their leadership translate into opportunities and supports for Manitobans, and those seeking to make Manitoba their new home.” 
The ACEIS’ role is to co-ordinate and oversee the implementation of the Manitoba government’s Immigration Advisory Council (IAC) recommendations including the development of a provincial economic immigration and settlement strategy. The IAC released a final report in February, which outlines 70 recommendations to address the following goals: 
attracting more immigrants and business investors to Manitoba; 
streamlining the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), setting the right balance between the province’s regional labour market, economic development and community needs; and 
enhancing Manitoba’s settlement, integration and foreign credential recognition programs and services to bolster newcomer retention. 
Members will serve 12-month terms starting in July 2023 and ending in July 2024. The chair and vice-chair sat on the Immigration Advisory Council as members, which ensures continuity and build on the IAC’s work and recommendations through ACEIS, the minister noted. 
There are 39 recommendations currently underway including: 
adding additional staff to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program office to increase file processing capacity; 
recruiting international students, skilled workers and business investors through recruitment missions like the Philippines Health Recruitment Mission in February, with plans for future recruitment missions underway; 
enhancing MPNP capacity to support employers through the Manitoba Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway; 
developing enhancements to the Business Investor Stream of the MPNP which will be re-launched later in 2023; 
advocating for improved processing times for work permit and permanent residence applications for MPNP candidates and standardized processing times for permanent resident applications across all federal economic class immigrants; and 
working with regulatory bodies to improve and streamline foreign credential recognition processes. 
Further actions to implement report recommendations will now proceed in consultation with the ACEIS and a further progress report will be released later this year, noted the minister. 
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