Hi My Name is Asha Premsagar and I am from Trivandrum. So I am working as a Business Development Manager with Test Yantra Software Solutions and I have done my MBA from Bangor University from UK. So after my MBA and post studies and all I have been looking for consulting agencies and you know that the market is filled with lot of competitiors and it was very hard to find good place where I can process my visa and look for other opportunities to grow. Then one of my friend referred me with Polinsys and it was a great journey together with Polinsys because all the employees here and all the consultants here, they all are very friendly with me and they have guided me properly step by step what has to be done and in each and every stage. Though the covid situation and all came up I was completely devastated with my processing, but they have been a very good help and they have given me the courage to proceed ahead and complete my processing. So I have initially put across for the PNP and then I later moved on to Express Entry role and I have successfully completed and now I have got my visa Stamped also and so I am now waiting for my travel to proceed. And I would prefer Polinsys for anyone its very nice to work with them, to proceed with them