Hi myself Binu Krishna and I am from Trivandrum. Recently me and my wife received our COPR which is the confirmation of Permanent Residence from IRCC. We are really happy and excited to start our new journey in life and all the credit goes to Polinsys because without their help and support I don’t think it would have been easy for us to achieve this goal. So thank you Polinsys thank you for all your guidances and support. To summarise my journey, I have started the processing way back in 2019 and in 2020 as you all know the covid pandemic hit and we were all bit worried about the processing but even during that time Polinsys provided me with timely updates and notifications that actually boosted confidence in me and I am really thankful to Polinsys for showing their true professionalism and dedication even during Pandemic situation. So I would highly recommend who are travelling or planning to move to Canada with PR to contact Polinsys because they are true professionals and they can guide you properly. So Thank you thank you once again for all your support. Thank you so much