Good afternoon! My name is Imran Khan. I am from Blandisher, Uttar Pradesh, India. Currently 

living in Muscat, Oman. I am working in the restaurant as a “Head Chef” and I am going to immigrate Canada through “Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program”. Five month before I receive my work permit through “AIP” and currently and I am waiting for my permanent residence for myself and for my family. Insha Allah I will get very soon and I hear about Polinsys, I search the agencies to help me to immigrate to Canada. I visit many agencies but in the Middle East you cannot trust anyone. Many agencies is fake here. They don’t have proper license, proper the things to dealing to kind in immigration. I find the Polinsys through the Google. I contact with them and I receive the information about the programs. They help me a lot of for the information’s and then I satisfied. I take the decision to start my process with them and Alhamdulillah I start my process and then by step-by-step I yet everything is finished, everything is done. I received my visa, waiting for permanent residence and one more thing I want to tell Polinsys is a good firm they are very reliable, reasonable. They are very good, and you can trust them for your immigration process. They will you good result. Any query anything you needed they will reply very fast. When I have some queries some months some time out of immigration, they replied me very fast. I am satisfied with them. All of the staffs is very kind, very good. 

Their behaviour their attitude everything is very nice. I feel very nice and Alhamdulillah I thanks to Allah I find them they give me the way how to immigrate Canada. Insha Allah I am going to Canada with my family as soon. Insha Allah thank you Polinsys thank you so much for your efforts for everything you did for me and never will forget and Insha Allah always even my friends, relatives I will recommend to Polisys. Go to the Polinsys they will give you the good result about your immigration process. They are very good immigration lawyers, and they have good experience in the market according to another firms. So thank you so much. I will finish my video here.