Hi. My name is Rohit George and my name is Tess and We are from Ernakulam. Regarding our qualifications and educational background, I am a senior supply chain planner. I was working for Vguard Indutries and I am a Senior Payroll Analyst, I was working with Elite Solutions. Our education background is I did my MBA from Loyola Institue of Business Administration. And I completed my MBA from Mount Carmel College. So both of us, we had actually applied for the Express Entry. We went through the Express Entry, our intention was to go through the express entry program but we were fortunate enough to get a PNP nomination as well. We have currently completed all the formalities all our procedures, visa everything is completely ready and Polinsys has been a big support or supporting factor for our entire process and infact we came to know about Polinsys through one of my friends’ way back in 2018 when he actually went through Polinsys itself and it was through him that we came to know the fantastic Polinsys Team and right from Day 1 the entire services that has been provided to us, it has been thoroughly professional and it has been thoroughly elaborate. Every single detail however minute it may be has been completely captured and you know, it is with great pride that I can say that you know I have been representated by Polinsys and I will be definitely be ,what you say definitely, recommending the services provided by the Polinsys team to my friends and as well as my family members as well, who are also in the process of immigrating to Canada. Thank you again to Polinsys Team and Wish you all the very best.