Following our previous complimentary meeting held for Polinsys Hello Canada clients on 10 Feb 2023, our next Hello Canada AR complimentary meeting is scheduled for 14 April 2023. We kindly request that you attend the meeting with any questions you may have so that you can obtain answers directly from a Canadian Authorized Representative. Please note that the next meeting may be held on the second Friday of the following month, provided it is not a holiday and subject to AR availability.

During this meeting, your Authorized Representative will discuss how to identify comparable NOCs, which may double your chances of selection by expanding your participation level.

This scheduled meeting is exclusively for Polinsys Hello Canada clients and is subject to AR availability. As a Polinsys Hello Canada client, you will also have access to weekly and monthly complimentary news releases delivered directly to your email, as well as other resources including:

• Hello Canada Employer-driven Programs:

• Employer-driven (AIPP & RNIP) Approaches:

• Hot Jobs & Immediate Polinsys Requirements:

• Polinsys Research for Jobs in Canada:

• Your Canadian AR’s Jobs Portal:

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