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There is a reason why the Canadian Government has authorized representatives to talk about Immigration. One of the reasons is that Authorized Representatives come under the Canadian Government’s legal jurisdiction and are trained and can provide in writing the facts of an immigration opportunity or approach. Canadian Immigration services come under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Government and the Regulator. If you are dealing with a Foreign National outside the jurisdiction of the Canadian Government, you are doing so at your own risk. Most organizations outside Canada is outside the jurisdiction of the Canadian Government and the services offered by them may constitute FAKE consulting because you are unlikely to get a written evaluation from a Canadian Authorized Representative on eligibility norms before you sign up. If you want a written eligibility document from a Canadian Authorized Representative,

Please follow this link and complete your evaluation. If you can identify as a genuine applicant, you should receive a comprehensive report on your Canadian Permanent Residence approach for you and your family. This evaluation form could take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out; however, the more accurate information you provide, the better the evaluation: After you fill and submit, please wait for the site to generate an ID which you can refer to whenever you follow up regarding your submitted form. The email ID and the form confirmation number will show at the notification page after submitting your evaluation. Your Canadian AR could take up to 10 days to complete this evaluation, therefore your patience is requested. The right approach could change your life!

If you want to contact your Canadian Authorized Representative or his office, please fill out this form. The typical response time is 7 business days. If in a rush, please attend the FREE Zoom info session on Fridays, the link and credentials are posted on the home page

Important Note

It is important to note that any information & Evaluations done by a Canadian Authorized Representative is to be kept confidential between the AR and client or prospect. As most ‘agencies’ overseas are ‘Agents’ and not part of the Canadian Immigration Regulatory framework, they are there to make money out of a business. Please do not share AR approaches and evaluation with a foreign organizations or Entities. If you indulge in such activity, you are promoting FAKE consultants and Fraud. Most foreign entities mimic the work of Canadian AR’s to justify their service. If you are smart, you will not disclose what you have obtained from a Canadian AR, but rather, you will demand to see what the foreign ‘Agents’ have to offer in writing. You must be careful about oral promises.

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Any information from my website and the service I offer to my clients are genuine data obtained directly from legitimate sources and are not copied and pasted from other sites. Please use these resources to your advantage.

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