Thank you for your interest in Canada. I am a Canadian Authorized Representative. My team and I will have the privilege to evaluate your chances of Canadian Permanent Residence prospects, If you or any member of your family has been employed over the past 10 years, please complete this form and also request a Skilled worker approach to Canada. There are multiple options to move to Canada permanently and we are here to evaluate all members of your family to provide the best approach.

Entrepreneurs! Do you feel like expanding your business and also providing you and your family an opportunity to settle in Canada? Canada offers some of the best opportunities for Entrepreneur Resettlement with their families! We offer FREE youtube videos to self-evaluate and your Canadian Authorized Representative is available weekly to answer your questions. Please visit for video links and zoom credentials.

To properly evaluate your Business Migration Opportunity, I have prepared this page to update you on these opportunities from the comfort of your home. Please take a few minutes to watch the videos listed below and also complete the form which will prepare me & my team to provide some good counselling. Please watch this video to begin:

Canada has several options for Permanent Residence & Citizenship through the various Provincial Nominee Programs. Please allow us to evaluate you so we can provide you with the right approach for you and your family. As a first step, please take some time to watch this short video before you begin with your form:

Welcome to Entrepreneur & Business Migration from Polinsys on Vimeo.

This series of videos would take an hour to watch but would cover all Federal and Provincial evaluations: