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Canadian Immigration and settlement are life-changing incidents for an individual or a family, and the change could impact the family and several generations to come. There is a good reason why the Canadian Government wants anyone paying for Immigration services to use a Canadian Authorized Representative. Please read about this requirement on the Canadian Government Website. If you are advised by a foreign national or entity, you are doing so at your own risk.

I can assist you with your Canadian Permanent Residence pathway if you can provide me with your personal information. My team can evaluate your chances under the various Canadian Permanent Residence pathways. My clients & prospects have a lot of resources they have access to:

You may qualify for settlement under the following pathways, and we need to evaluate you for all these pathways.

  1. Education Pathways: Studying in Canada offers a settlement pathway for you and your family. We need to evaluate you for this pathway. Selecting certain courses in certain regions of Canada would increase your chances of Canadian settlement.
  2. Immigration Pathway: If you have the right experience, you could qualify for Canadian Permanent Residence through several pathways under the Federal Express Entry, Provincial programs and more!
  3. Employer-Driven Permanent Residence pathways: Canada offers several employer-driven pathways leading to Canadian Permanent Residence for the family.
  4. Entrepreneur Pathways: Canada offers Businesspeople a nice pathway toward Permanent Residency.
  5. Provincial Nominee Programs: Canada also offers Canadian Permanent Residence pathways through the various Canadian Provinces.

Please visit Your Canadian Authorized Representative has created several videos to guide you on the different pathways. These are FREE youtube videos you may watch at your leisure.

To assist your Canadian Authorized Representative with your evaluation, please provide information so your pathways may be evaluated. The more accurate information you provide your Canadian Authorized Representative, the better the evaluation. If you begin the form, and you feel you need extra time, please click on the ‘Save and Continue later” button. You should receive a link in your email which will provide you access to continue the form at a time convenient to you.

Important Note

It is important to note that any information & Evaluations done by a Canadian Authorized Representative is to be kept confidential between the AR and client or prospect. As most ‘agencies’ overseas are ‘Agents’ and not part of the Canadian Immigration Regulatory framework, they are there to make money out of a business. Please do not share AR approaches and evaluation with a foreign organizations or Entities. If you indulge in such activity, you are promoting FAKE consultants and Fraud. Most foreign entities mimic the work of Canadian AR’s to justify their service. If you are smart, you will not disclose what you have obtained from a Canadian AR, but rather, you will demand to see what the foreign ‘Agents’ have to offer in writing. You must be careful about oral promises.

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Any information from my website and the service I offer to my clients are genuine data obtained directly from legitimate sources and are not copied and pasted from other sites. Please use these resources to your advantage.

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