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Good news for people with medical conditions who falls under Medical Inadmissibility for Canadian Permanent Residence
The Government has increased the medical admissibility threshold to $24,057 per year from $21798 as a threshold for Medical and Social services needs of a new immigrant to qualify. This increase in threshold could benefit some Permanent Residence applicants who otherwise may not qualify if they have certain ailments which would increase their medical or social services costs in Canada. This threshold increase was announced on January, 04, 2022
The following are some of the costs considered with the medical condition
home care by a nurse, physiotherapist, respiratory therapist or other care provider;
palliative care;
psychological counseling;
medical aids, appliances and prostheses;
residential facilities, including long-term care and substance abuse services;
day facilities providing constant supervision, for example respite care;
physician services;
nursing services;
laboratory and diagnostic services;
pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical services;
hospital services;
chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
supplies related to these services, and;
psychiatric services.