Service costs money and we are here to provide service and charge for our work. All our fee structures are dependent on the time taken and not on the success of a program. We are here to work towards achieving your dreams and not charge for the success or outcome of the work done.

The Hello-Canada has a promise of service based on the following

  1. Service is for a period of 12 months (more for previous batches based on your contract)
  2. (Previous discontinued service) Resume forwarding for up to 10 employers if jobs in that NOC show up.
  3. Resume critiquing to target job descriptions based on Canadian NOC codes. It involves a confirmation process of a Canadian Coordinator visa a skype recorded video call.
  4. Common access during fixed time with Canadian Authorized Representative for clarifications
  5. (New Inclusion) Canadian Jobs and posted guided approach. No follow-up with a Polinsys personnel is allowed. This is a self-help approach.


In addition to the other fixed fee service, a Hello Canada client may also opt for the following paid services:

  • Cover letter support for $32 per cover letter. Our cover letter will cover aspects to retention and compatibility for that employer
  • Interview-facing techniques for success (includes 5 cover letters). 6 Hour classroom training over a 6-week period for $700. (Please DO NOT sign up for this program if you cannot afford it and if you have not tried to do it yourself and failed)


The Hello Canada DOES NOT

  1. Charge any additional fees for success
  2. Promise that all NOC jobs will be available
  3. Promise anybody will obtain a job other than genuine publicly posted, or The Student Herald supplied employer requirement and selection by employer (Genuine)
  4. Do Resume design


Hello-Canada is a Student Herald program embraced by Polinsys. It is a self-help platform for you to help yourself with a little common guidance provided by Polinsys. Many of our clients obtain jobs and move to Canada on a work permit and permanent residence. It is also possible that many will not move to Canada as a permanent residence soon because their NOC code has not shown up in any job pots. Once the 12 years have passed, our clients are requested to pursue job search in Canada based on your experience for such search by themselves or renew your association with Polinsys for a small fee. Please keep in mind that Employer driven programs are picking up rapidly as the data would show.

Please read about Employer driven Program data here: