Migrants Freeze to death while attempting to cross illegally across the border from Canada.

Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news and I am Joy Stephen, an authorized Immigration practitioner bringing out this release from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Today is the 27th of January, 2021.

Most migrants move across the border from the United States to Canada but the tale of a group of Indian Nationals who tried to cross the border to the United States from Canada is a tale of tragedy. Canadians are still trying to understand why a family of 4 individuals, 2 adults and 2 children froze to death on a harsh winter day when they tried to cross the border from Canada into the United States this January. Canadians are used to hearing about frost bites during winter but death and that too the death of an entire family because of freezing is hard to comprehend, and why?

A 47 year old Florida man was charged on account of the death in the border. It is believed that the man was part of a human smuggling ring. He was involved in organizing the cross-border travel for a group of 11 individuals including the 4 who perished in the cold. Most or all the individuals re believed to be from India. Their residency status in Canada is still unknown. It is probable that the individuals trying to cross in this manner are either people who were previously in the United States and barred re-entry or are people who whose Canadian Residency application was unsuccessful. Investigation is still on. One of the survivors entered Canada with a fraudulent student visa with no intention to study in Canada. He wanted to move to the United States to join his Uncle in Chicago. Reports in the Indian Press indicate the family had travelled to Canada on visitor status with the intent to move to the United States.

The previous case in the border between Manitoba and Minnesota was in 2017 when a Ghanaian woman died of hypothermia while trying to cross the border. She was believed to be making a asylum claim once she arrived in Canada.
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